Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shine in darks with a hint of white!

I was browsing online and found this super cute website called Lyst. It inspired me to write a blog about blue and black clothing and accessories. I love this blouse:

I have a new love for stars. I think this is super cute and reminds me of a romantic night out with the stars in the sky.

          To pair this cute blouse I would wear these Alice + Olivia wedges.

OR I would go with the motorcycle bootie look.

 Maison Martin Margiela

 I would wear these faded grey trousers from with both blouses.

This next shirt is on my "Need to Get" list.

I absolutely love this ombre blouse. I would wear it with a tank underneath white skinny jeans and these Dolce Vita heels. These heels are perfect for a day at work or even a warm spring night!
   Dolce Vita

         I absolutely love this Phillip Lim satchel with this outfit.

My Favorite Scarf that reminded me of my color theme in this blog is this star scarf from Zara.

Love these jewelry items, earrings @Bauble Bar and necklace Anton Heunis, to pair with any of my shirts above.

I love all these pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories I shared with you all today in this post. I love black, blue, white, silver and gold hardware together. Dark colors always look amazing with whites. Check back for some new posts soon! xx, Brittany

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Calling all Vintage!!

Love for the Vintage Jewels..
There is something about lace, cameos, pearls, gold, silver, and florals that make vintage jewels so classy. Today in my marketing class we had to brainstorm ideas to make a new online website. Immediately the group I was in thought of "The Vintage Shop". We thought it was an excellent idea because we currently don't have one on the web. We wanted to make this online magazine for people who love vintage shopping and unique bohemian fashion and accessories. Two sites that inspired me by this idea are Spool and My friend Jessica told me about these two sites and I can't stop checking the homepage and searching for unique items!! Here's some items that I thought were great for an everyday vintage look.

 Vintage Pieces I Love:
This Vintage 70's Locket Necklace is a perfect statement for an everyday outfit. Both gold and silver are included in this amazing piece.

I love this vintage charm necklace. The colors of the stones are precious. 

The next item is this Vintage Honey Bee Bracelet. It was sold out the time I went to buy it but it is so adorable. It is so unique and I love the color variations. This is a gorgeous piece.

I thought these earrings are perfect for an everyday spring/summer look.

Older Vintage:
These Gold chandelier and pearl earrings are perfect for an everyday or night out look.
 These pearl vintage earrings are perfect for a classy night out. $18.00

How cute is this bracelet? It is perfect for the everyday beauty fashionista who loves vintage Chanel!!

These are my two favorite vintage pieces of the day I found. Vintage CHANEL. These pieces brings the unique vintage look to our current trends today.

Hope you all enjoyed my vintage jewels that I admire. Vintage jewelry will never go out of style. The best thing about vintage is there are so many one of a kind pieces which will make you stand out from others. I always feel more stylish in vintage jewelry than regular jewelry because It shows my true style. Keep on wearing vintage everyone or if you don't go buy yourself a vintage item! xx

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Neon Colors! The new trend that will make you stand out!


       Ever since I saw these neon earrings I bought today at @Buffalo Exchange, I realized how neon is so amazing for the spring! Neon colors go great with an everyday outfit and will bring a kick to your outfit. I personally love neon yellow and pink together. It makes it a very fun and flirty look. Neon jewelry has a lot of color which can easily brighten your day!

Below are the earrings I bought today for $20.00! I love the bright neon yellow. So unique with an edge. I Spotted these earrings because they remind of "Tom Binns" jewelry.

I would love to get this matching necklace. By Noir Jewerlry. This Neon Crystal Necklace is so cute.
     There is something about this gold ring with the neon green that makes it so refreshing. I love the separation of the gold to the Neon Green in a pyramid shape.

I loved these Theysken's Theory Mini Flapbag. It is a perfect bag for a spring/summer day. I love the grey and yellow because they have a splash of color on the edges of the bag.

These next neon item I loved was from The Micheal Kors Collection.
I love the details and the ostrich leather satchel, it is so in right now.

How cute would this Noir Neon Bangle look with this Satchel Micheal Kors Bag? So cute!

This Dannijo Rivera Cuff is a prime example how two neon colors go very well together. I love the neon cuff look.


 I love this Silk Blouse from JCrew.
I love the shade of pink. I would wear this silk blouse with
leather skinny jeans, a silver belt and to add a touch of glamour, big silver earrings!


This is my favorite neon shoe of the moment! I love these Miu Miu Glitter Patent Leather Pumps.

It's all about colorful bags and shoes this spring. Next time your out shopping and think that accessory or piece of clothing is too bright for you closet, think again! That's all for now for Brittany's Style and Dreams. Check back soon for more of my fashionable blogs!

xx, Brittany

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Work to Night Fashion* Featuring Gold and Black!

For me the perfect everyday Winter look is the one that can be perfect for work and nightlife. This means the perfect pant, blouse, jacket, bootie, classic chain/chic bag and chain accessories are a must. There is something about black and gold that can make any outfit very chic and glamorous. I love gold details in fashion.

First.. The "Blouse"

 The first look I love starts with the Classic Black Ruffle Blouse at a very affordable price

 OR you can go with the fun cheetah print..

Next is the "Perfect Trouser"! I spotted these Emilio Pucci trousers on for $319.00. I loved them! They give a very unique and preppy vibe to your look.

And if you are into a more simple skinny jean look.. 
Try these skinny jeans from Zara! They are the skinny trousers with zips at the hem! I loved them because they have zippers and gold detail at the buttons and hips.


Now the best part of the outfit for me is ACCESSORIES. Gold metals, gold shiny luxurious hardware are my favorite!! 

I found this JCrew Belt that I love. It is very shiny and goes perfect with the trouser or the skinny jean look.

Next is the perfect Clutch! I found this at Its a Rebecca Minkoff Clutch! Of course.. I spotted it because of the gold hardware! Its called the Obsession Clutch. The pratical part about this clutch is it can fit easy into a larger work satchel bag that you are using!

I fell in love with this Marc Jacobs Clutch that I will be showing you guys next.
I love the hardware and how it looks like crocodile. It is textured leather with a gold key lock for the front detail.

   I love this chain necklace. It has a perfect amount of links and will 
give a great statement on your neck. Only $48.00 By Privileged

I also fell in love with this bracelet by Ash found for $198.00.

         I love Tory Burch's double warp logo Bracelets. They are super trendy and chic!
                  This bracelet screams "Chanel with an edge". $95.00
With this outfit there are two perfect shoe options in my mind. If your going with the First ruffle blouse by Zara I would wear these booties. They are so edgy and rebellious!$190.00 @

  If you are going with the cheetah print and a dressy night look I would go with these. These are a perfect size heel for either day or night. The suede makes it a great fall/winter look. They are classic ankle bootie you'll love!

Hope you all enjoyed this stylish outfit. I think the best part of this outfit is how glam you will look when its all put together. I absolutely love black and gold. My favorite two colors!! That's it for this blog.. but come check back in a few days for more! 


Friday, February 3, 2012

Love is in the air!

Its that time again.. Valentine's Day is just around the corner.. I found such cute valentines day gifts that you just can get for that special someone or even for yourself for all under $100.00!
First imagine getting a Hershey kiss diamond?

Thought this was super cute. Would be a sweet treat from your loved one!

Here are gifts that won't leave your wallet empty for Her or for Him! Under $100.00.

For Her:

Kate Spade Classic Girly Valentines Day Pink Laptop Sleeve

These are one of my favorites from Kate Spade. I love all of these bangles. They are all adorable! The Black, Gold, and Pink are so chic.
$88.00 Each

 I love this Bracelet. It is a perfect and simple way to 
say "I love you".
Rose Gold Michael Kors Pave Heart Charm.

       For Him:

  Express Modern-Fit Stretch Dress Shirt
 Pink Punch & Petunia
      Pink looks super trendy and stylish on a man!
        Whats better than a pink dress shirt, black dress pants, and a black tie for a dressy Valentine's day weekend.

 A Nice find on is these 
                             Valentino Woven Satin Ties                                 $93.25

For another option for your man try a classic cologne he enjoys. I know my boyfriend Billy loves cologne. You can never go wrong with a nice cologne!

Good luck everyone who is shopping for gifts and remember that something cheaper and simple is very special. Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!! Xx