Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Neon Colors! The new trend that will make you stand out!


       Ever since I saw these neon earrings I bought today at @Buffalo Exchange, I realized how neon is so amazing for the spring! Neon colors go great with an everyday outfit and will bring a kick to your outfit. I personally love neon yellow and pink together. It makes it a very fun and flirty look. Neon jewelry has a lot of color which can easily brighten your day!

Below are the earrings I bought today for $20.00! I love the bright neon yellow. So unique with an edge. I Spotted these earrings because they remind of "Tom Binns" jewelry.

$253.00 @Shopbop.com
I would love to get this matching necklace. By Noir Jewerlry. This Neon Crystal Necklace is so cute.
$17.91 @Asos.com
     There is something about this gold ring with the neon green that makes it so refreshing. I love the separation of the gold to the Neon Green in a pyramid shape.

                                 $325.00 @Shopbop.com
I loved these Theysken's Theory Mini Flapbag. It is a perfect bag for a spring/summer day. I love the grey and yellow because they have a splash of color on the edges of the bag.

$895.00 @Shopbop.com
These next neon item I loved was from The Micheal Kors Collection.
I love the details and the ostrich leather satchel, it is so in right now.

$120.00 @Shopbop.com 
How cute would this Noir Neon Bangle look with this Satchel Micheal Kors Bag? So cute!

 $216.00 @Shopbop.com
This Dannijo Rivera Cuff is a prime example how two neon colors go very well together. I love the neon cuff look.

$98.00 @Jcrew.com

 I love this Silk Blouse from JCrew.
I love the shade of pink. I would wear this silk blouse with
leather skinny jeans, a silver belt and to add a touch of glamour, big silver earrings!

  $645.00 @Saks.com

This is my favorite neon shoe of the moment! I love these Miu Miu Glitter Patent Leather Pumps.

It's all about colorful bags and shoes this spring. Next time your out shopping and think that accessory or piece of clothing is too bright for you closet, think again! That's all for now for Brittany's Style and Dreams. Check back soon for more of my fashionable blogs!

xx, Brittany

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  1. The neon trend is so fun! I can't wait to wear these bright colors in the summer time. The heels are amazing and the mini flip bag is really cute!