Thursday, February 16, 2012

Calling all Vintage!!

Love for the Vintage Jewels..
There is something about lace, cameos, pearls, gold, silver, and florals that make vintage jewels so classy. Today in my marketing class we had to brainstorm ideas to make a new online website. Immediately the group I was in thought of "The Vintage Shop". We thought it was an excellent idea because we currently don't have one on the web. We wanted to make this online magazine for people who love vintage shopping and unique bohemian fashion and accessories. Two sites that inspired me by this idea are Spool and My friend Jessica told me about these two sites and I can't stop checking the homepage and searching for unique items!! Here's some items that I thought were great for an everyday vintage look.

 Vintage Pieces I Love:
This Vintage 70's Locket Necklace is a perfect statement for an everyday outfit. Both gold and silver are included in this amazing piece.

I love this vintage charm necklace. The colors of the stones are precious. 

The next item is this Vintage Honey Bee Bracelet. It was sold out the time I went to buy it but it is so adorable. It is so unique and I love the color variations. This is a gorgeous piece.

I thought these earrings are perfect for an everyday spring/summer look.

Older Vintage:
These Gold chandelier and pearl earrings are perfect for an everyday or night out look.
 These pearl vintage earrings are perfect for a classy night out. $18.00

How cute is this bracelet? It is perfect for the everyday beauty fashionista who loves vintage Chanel!!

These are my two favorite vintage pieces of the day I found. Vintage CHANEL. These pieces brings the unique vintage look to our current trends today.

Hope you all enjoyed my vintage jewels that I admire. Vintage jewelry will never go out of style. The best thing about vintage is there are so many one of a kind pieces which will make you stand out from others. I always feel more stylish in vintage jewelry than regular jewelry because It shows my true style. Keep on wearing vintage everyone or if you don't go buy yourself a vintage item! xx

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