Friday, March 23, 2012

Tropical Jewels.. My Favorite Spring 2012 pieces!!

These are my three favorite pieces to wear this summer:

I love this statement necklace by Erickson Beamon.. It is a perfect necklace with an antique feel to it.

 DanniJO Wynn Bracelet is AMAZING.. love the color choice and variety of colors that it portrays in one bracelet.
These neon yellow and crystal earrings.. by Shourouk are a must have!
   I love this Erickson Beamon Tropical Ring.. It is so unique. The flower design in the middle is amazing. It reminds me of a trendy shabby chic style.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Polka Dots: "The cute and fun way to wear your dots!"

Every time I see polka dots, I think "wow polka dots are the cutest add on to any outfit". I love these new polka dots pants I bought the other day.

My favorite part of the spring is the color block in your outfit selection. I tried something really cute last week. I wore my new polka dot pants above and wore it with a bright Ann Taylor sweater and a denim collar shirt underneath with pearls. It looked so cute!!! You could try this outfit at home:

First..  My favorite Madewell Polka Dot Pants @$99.00
Then I added the perfect add on
 Neon Pink Sweater!

Now all you need is a touch of pearls, chains, and a classic black satchel to complete this outfit..

Fallon Pearl and Chain
Love this Glenda Cuff So Edgy but trendy and fab!

Love the gold hardware on this Rachel Zoe bag. So classy but with an edge.

and to end this fab outfit... the Sam Edelman High Heel Sandals!! Perfect for Springtime!

That's all for now my loves. Check back soon for my favorite Spring 2012 look!
xx, Brittany

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Neon Tribal for the Spring!! Obsessed.

Last week at the FIT craft fair, I found two jewelry pieces that were such a find. They were by a student herself, Lucia Pina. She makes beautiful pieces! Neon is so in right now for the spring and summer.

I got so many compliments on these earrings @Glamour yesterday when I interned.
They are so unique, and give off a Tom Binns feel. I love the way she added the neon rainbow colors in each of the sections in the earrings. Perfect for a spring day. I wore them with a Blue neon top and white Capri's! It looked super cute.

Next.. is one of my favorite new "Statement" necklaces I have. I will be wearing this one tomorrow with green trousers and a white top.
I absolutely love it and cannot wait to enjoy it!!

Hope you guys enjoy my new pieces made by Lucia Pina!! xx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Black with a splash of pink for the spring!!

I always love the basic black shirts and dresses but sometimes adding a splash of color always makes your outfit very fun. I love bright pink accessories and clothes. Here are some ideas of a outfit i put together. I started off with a Pink J.Crew Blouse..
Then I added a basic black pair of lace trousers from
I love these lace trousers. They are so classic and trendy.
And for the Accessories.. 
I love these! They are adorable. The pink and black look is so perfect for the spring!!

With this necklace... Erickson Beamon

This Marc Jacobs bracelet would look so cute with this outfit.
I love this @Jules bracelet too!
The Phillip Lim Colorback handbag.. makes this outfit perfect!!

I love this outfit. It is so perfect for a day outfit. Its a great oufit when you wanna change your daily black pair of trousers by adding bright pink jewels and a blouse! Pink + Black = SO CHIC! 

I can't wait to wear a bright pink blouse out with a pair of black trousers soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The shimmer glitter bootie look for less!

I found these boots on Barney's website today and I need them but they are not affordable. They are glitter booties! They are so cute!! I was reading a blog about how someone loved them so much she made her own. It is a very smart idea. I am thinking about using my craft skills and trying this out very soon! 

I would first buy a basic pair of booties...

 Then I would add the gold glitter to it by using glitter glue to just the back of the bootie!! Perfect. I may have to try this soon.

These boots are similar to the glitter bootie trend this Fall 2011, Miu Miu started. These booties are so fabulous.
I can't wait for my Miu Miu glitter inspired bootie look to be created and worn!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The perfect outfit.. with a touch of denim.

Hello Asymmetric Skirts, Cable Knit & Denim!!

There is something that makes an asymmetric skirt so cute for everyday or for going out at night. I thought this asymmetric skirt from Zara would be super cute with the look everyone is wearing right now which is the"knit sweater and a denim blouse underneath" look. Cable Knit & Chambray Denim Shirt

Or go with any of these Denim shirt options from Delias, Jcrew, and Madewell!

 Pair it off with these studded ankle boots from
for $99.00

..and this Satchel bag from

I love the color of this bag it is so different. I would wear it with many classic colors in the spring/summer!

AND for the jewels..
 Such Cute Chan Lu Wrap Around bracelets from for $125.00! Love them.

I love these earrings. They are Stephen Dweck pearl earrings with variscite. $189.00. These earrings will bring out the satchel bag from Zara and the outfit very nicely. They will give the outfit a bohemian but classy trendy feel.

I would wear these CC Sky bangles with this outfit to complete this look. $88.00

To end this look I would add a super chic leather jacket with fur. From @Neiman Marcus On sale for $162.00!!

This is a perfect look for work or even to just go out at night with. The best part about this outfit is there are lots of basics that you can use again in other outfits!

Love Brittany,

Accessory favorites.. All Under $100.00

Lets here it for the Accessories!

This weekend I went vintage shopping and shopping with my two favorite girls @Wendy Sy and @Briana Stiles.
I got some really cute items that I wanted to share with you guys. The favorite part of these items I bought is they are unique and very affordable. That is my favorite part about vintage shopping. You never know what you're going to find but you could find the best things!!!

First... I got this Amazing leather bag with chains and stones. It is so chic and classy. I love it and pair it with my daily outfits. It is a very essential item. I got it for $20.00!

Next I got this vintage belt. Which was only $10.00!! I love it with any solid shirt or even as an add on to a cute dress.
This is my favorite item yet. I got this one at @Buffalo Exchange. It is a Juicy couture necklace for $23.00!! I love this item. It is a such a statement on my neck and looks cute with a basic tee and leather jacket. I wore it with a flowy black shirt the other day a leather jacket, jeans = Perfect everyday outfit!

Next I got these two amazing gold bracelets. I am currently obsessing over my gold one with red and green detail. I love it because it is so unique and no one has it!! Both $10.00!

My last piece I bought was this Vintage necklace. I love the key and perfume charm on it. $5.00!

I got so many excellent bargains last weekend!! I can't wait to check it out the vintage flea market again soon! You never know what classic accessories you can find. You have to be open to find unique things. That's all for today loves! xx