Thursday, March 1, 2012

The perfect outfit.. with a touch of denim.

Hello Asymmetric Skirts, Cable Knit & Denim!!

There is something that makes an asymmetric skirt so cute for everyday or for going out at night. I thought this asymmetric skirt from Zara would be super cute with the look everyone is wearing right now which is the"knit sweater and a denim blouse underneath" look. Cable Knit & Chambray Denim Shirt

Or go with any of these Denim shirt options from Delias, Jcrew, and Madewell!

 Pair it off with these studded ankle boots from
for $99.00

..and this Satchel bag from

I love the color of this bag it is so different. I would wear it with many classic colors in the spring/summer!

AND for the jewels..
 Such Cute Chan Lu Wrap Around bracelets from for $125.00! Love them.

I love these earrings. They are Stephen Dweck pearl earrings with variscite. $189.00. These earrings will bring out the satchel bag from Zara and the outfit very nicely. They will give the outfit a bohemian but classy trendy feel.

I would wear these CC Sky bangles with this outfit to complete this look. $88.00

To end this look I would add a super chic leather jacket with fur. From @Neiman Marcus On sale for $162.00!!

This is a perfect look for work or even to just go out at night with. The best part about this outfit is there are lots of basics that you can use again in other outfits!

Love Brittany,


  1. this outfit would be so cute! I love that green bag too :)

  2. Thanks girl!! Me too I want to get that bag, its too cute!!! <3