Thursday, March 1, 2012

Accessory favorites.. All Under $100.00

Lets here it for the Accessories!

This weekend I went vintage shopping and shopping with my two favorite girls @Wendy Sy and @Briana Stiles.
I got some really cute items that I wanted to share with you guys. The favorite part of these items I bought is they are unique and very affordable. That is my favorite part about vintage shopping. You never know what you're going to find but you could find the best things!!!

First... I got this Amazing leather bag with chains and stones. It is so chic and classy. I love it and pair it with my daily outfits. It is a very essential item. I got it for $20.00!

Next I got this vintage belt. Which was only $10.00!! I love it with any solid shirt or even as an add on to a cute dress.
This is my favorite item yet. I got this one at @Buffalo Exchange. It is a Juicy couture necklace for $23.00!! I love this item. It is a such a statement on my neck and looks cute with a basic tee and leather jacket. I wore it with a flowy black shirt the other day a leather jacket, jeans = Perfect everyday outfit!

Next I got these two amazing gold bracelets. I am currently obsessing over my gold one with red and green detail. I love it because it is so unique and no one has it!! Both $10.00!

My last piece I bought was this Vintage necklace. I love the key and perfume charm on it. $5.00!

I got so many excellent bargains last weekend!! I can't wait to check it out the vintage flea market again soon! You never know what classic accessories you can find. You have to be open to find unique things. That's all for today loves! xx


  1. Vintage shopping is the best! We found so many treasures for so cheap. I can't wait for our next trip to the flea market <3

  2. love them all! xx