Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cat-eye and Over sized look, Fun & Trendy!

My Favorite part of Spring/Summer is wearing the best shades. I am loving the over sized and cat-eye look right now. Today Wendy and I wore two basic sunglasses on a relaxed Saturday for a great weekend look.

Both of us give off the perfect casual day outfit with a shade of blue but adding the perfect shade makes our oufit!
Try our looks:

Love these Cat-Eye sunglasses from House of Harlow. So chic and classic.

These are my two favorite shades at this moment. I also love these House of Harlow for the over sized look Wendy was wearing today...
These unique over sized Prada Black Sunglasses are also so fabulous and a must have! The unique spiral hardware is so cute.

xxo, Brittany

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